Alison Energy is a company incorporated to provide a wide range of customized energy solutions for domestic, commercial and Agricultural customers.Our expertise in the field of solar energy sector empowers us to offer its customers great packages helping them save a great deal on their annual electricity bills. Our different customized packages can get rid of electricity load shedding and give people a peace of mind. We provide our customers an alternative way to power their homes and their workplace by reducing their dependence on grid based power and generator based power or even getting rid of it completely in some cases.

One of the most important product we offer is solar based water pumps for drinking water as well as irrigation water. The most successful and economical solar product as of now is solar water pump systems. One can get water as long as there is sunlight. This water then can be used for drinking purposes as well as irrigation purposes.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide an alternative solution to the power stricken consumers of Pakistan by developing affordable solar based systems and solutions for everyone, be it domestic, commercial or agricultural customers. 

Our Goals

Alison Energy  is committed to bring a real change to the power stricken masses by developing and providing them with affordable power alternatives to the traditional unreliable and expensive grid and fossil fuel based power.wer.power.power.power.

Our Vision

We intend to become a major player in the alternative energy sector of Pakistan by replacing the expensive fossil fuel based energy.

Our Values

We are keen in bringing a real change on the ground in the power sector by providing the consumers a safe reliable green energy at a cost which is very much in the range of the pockets of most people. When we all grow and benefit together as a company and as a society, that is when we believe that we have achieved something worthy.


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