Residential Solar

Continuous power outages in the country and rising electricity bills have made solar electric systems a choice-of-the-day to homeowners.

Ali Son Energy is striving for making solar power affordable to common man. We aim to produce clean energy for residential sector without noise or air pollution by eliminating use of diesel, gasoline and gas driven generators. We install both Off-Grid and On-Grid with Backup systems for your home so that you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply for your daily needs.

Industrial Solar

Industrial sector, no doubt, has been the worst victim of present energy crunch in the country. Power Outages, Increasing electricity bills and fuel prices has turned industrial growth into nightmare. Keeping in view growing environmental issues and drastically increasing fuel and energy prices, it is need of the hour to switch to clean solar energy to fulfill power requirements of the industry.

We extend our capabilities to offer economically viable solutions to fulfill energy demand of the industry while safety and reliability being the prime concern.

Agricultural Solar

Agriculture sector no doubt is among the major victims of recent energy crisis of the country. Pakistan is known to be an agriculture country where 40% of our cultivated land is irrigated by ground water for which formers and land owners have to take back upon electrically driven or diesel driven pumps to utilize ground water for irrigation. Condition becomes more miserable because prices of both fossil fuels and electricity are climbing highest in the history.

In this situation, Ali Son Energy joins hands with formers to mitigate their sufferings. We are actively involved in promoting concept of solar irrigation in the country by installing new solar water pumps as well as converting exiting diesel driven and/or Grid connected water pumping facilities on state-of-the-art solar electricity. Solar water pumping system for irrigation purposes is devised considering ultimate water requirement of land owners.

Commercial Solar

Commercial sector has been our major area of focus. Our clients in commercial sector are


-Commercial Buildings & Corporate Offices

-Health and Education Institutes

-Banks and other Financial Institutes

-Marriage Lawns & Banquet Halls

-Shopping Malls

-CNG Stations

-Petrol Pumps


If you own one the above businesses, please feel free to contact for energy advice. We provide an affordable and reliable solution, tailored to your needs.

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